The upvote game for the possiblitys


Can we get 100 likes to this post?


What exactly is this thread for?


Looks like begging for likes lol


It is a socialist experiment to see if we can get enough up votes to guarantee some items for tu.


The only thing that guarantees something will be added, is if the devs want to add it. The card is merely there so that we can see what they’re considering


yet it does on the list say 32 votes for air hockey and 30 votes for billiards, thats what i was referring to but who knows, mabie we could but its up to them and i know that but you cant deny that popularity has not changed things before but its all up to them.


this was a nonsence experament, subscribble to someordinarygamers if you took it seriously.


im confused
you confused me
you now owe me confusion points



10 confusion points to Griffindor



idk what the fuck anyone expected out of this but it was funny either way