The Unofficial Towerinian Splatfest! (Minigolf vs Virus)

Hello! I have set a date for the Unofficial Towerinian Splatfest! Aaaaaaaand…
Its Today! Sorry for short notice, the next week was looking kind of busy.
Here is how to join!
Step 1: Add NNID “bocaj1431”
Step 2: Wait for me to give a password to join our private battle in Splatoon
(Official Time: 8/9/15 starting at 6-7 PM EST)
Step 3: Join In and have fun~

P.S. If you still don’t know whats going on read this. Planning the Unofficial Towerinian Splatfest

P.P.S. If you can or can’t make it, either way, please say so in the replies.(Just so i can tally how many people are joining.)

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OK sorry, now you can send requests

Can’t do it. :frowning:

I can make it! Go team Minigolf! :golf:

NNID: bondorosa

You can’t do it today or just at 6-7 EST?

Something popped up today around that time. Can’t make it.
At least I have these sick Splatunes to quell my sadness:

I’ll stop now.

Well is 8-9 EST OK? ( sorry for Late response.)

You don’t need to delay it for just me. It is ok.

OK, I’ll be doing it till 10 or 11 EST probs. Join if you want!

I’ll see what I can do.

Alright. My NNID is Bokchoi the Mii I’m using is named Erik. Just so you all know.

Playing a little splatoon while I wait. Feel free to join squad battles with me if you want.

Currently doing ranked battles

Sure, I’ll play a bit now.

Password: 7683 (for squad)


Brb gonna do twin. Recreating password.

Same password

I’ll try but I’ve been having loads of connection errors since the update.
NNID: CarbonCopyCat

Brb gotta friend carbon

You’re pretty good @Tanooki_Jon
I have to go now.

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