The Treasure Cove Minigolf Update (

Happy ThUrsday friends. We’ve got some fixes and a new Minigolf map for you!

##New Minigolf Map: Treasure Cove!

A fun mix of easy and challenging courses that sends you on the Minigolf adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the view!


  • New Minigolf map: Treasure Cove
  • Suite now has day/night and wallpaper/floor editing support
  • Lobby/Condo player ragdolls now apply physical force in the direction you were running. You can now toss your ragdoll around like crazy
  • We’ve revamped the House condo floorplan by combining some of the rooms. This creates a more open area and allows for flexibility when creating in the space.
  • Improved the animations when a player looks and turns.
  • Lobby/Condo only: You can now zoom in/out and rotate your camera while you ragdoll
  • Lobby/Condo only: You can now instantly respawn by clicking or jumping while ragdolled
  • Removed guide “ghost” stove from both Suite and House. Now the kitchen counters have ends so you can put anything in the stove area
  • Added a total players online label on the main menu

Bug Fixes

  • Your player will no longer rotate while you are viewing yourself
  • Fixed Summit music not working with the music volume slider
  • Fixed anti-macro popup freezing input if you had chat open when it popped up
  • Fixed some anti-macro bugs
  • Fixed a bug where Typing Derby would sometimes not reset your camera back
  • Fixed Ball Race spectating not always following players
  • Fixed collision in upper area of Suite
  • Fixed some minor visual issues with House
  • Fixed missing collision for fireplace in House
  • Fixed missing collision for satellites in House

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.


Oh boy.

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yaaaay, new features for the suit- ahem

but seriously, thank you for this awesome new map

Thanks so much for this. I realize the intent behind leaving them out was in the name of optimization, but I really appreciate the fact that you listen to your community more.

Thanks, Pixeltail. We love you.

Wow I was not expecting such a large bedroom expansion for the non-master rooms in the House. I’d be fine with 3 bedrooms, with the master being the largest as it is now.

Also, I love that you can now go through the windows. Now I finally am able to not inform the burglars that they also double as entrances.

One quick collision error I found regarding the Forbidden closet and the master bathroom:

You can phase through the wall between the bathroom and the closet.

Another small visual error, the wall on the side of the house pokes through.

Thanks for all your hard work devs! :kissing_heart:

Awesome, another update! This one’s small, but rad. Can’t wait for weapon prediction and the unreleased maps, then Little Crusaders too!

Thanks for that ragdoll update.

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Your player will no longer rotate while you are viewing yourself



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