The Tower Unite Trailer Needs YOUR Input!

Alright, so I’m working on updating the game’s trailer. I’m taking the current trailer’s formula and updating it with brand new footage - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

However, at one point I’m gonna need a load of screenshots to appear in quick succession, just like this - so please dump as many TU screenshots as you can that meet the criteria below!

Screenshots must:

  • Have NO Workshop player models or items what-so-ever
  • Have NO canvases
  • Have NO overlays - no stream facecams/labels/etc, Discord overlays, etc (but in-game overlays and subtle FPS counters are fine)
  • Ideally be 1920x1080
  • Have NO watermarks or branding
  • Have a clean chat - nothing inappropriate. That includes usernames.

If you’re able to take an existing screenshot and photoshop it to remove any of the issues above, feel free to submit it. Cheers!


Is this Condo screenshots like in the video you linked, or any screenshots?

Any screenshots from anywhere in Tower Unite.

I’m assuming you’re already taking from the screenshot weekends?

I can see Jojo, MHA and Half Life in these.

Ok well I’ll keep looking. Could’ve sworn I turned them off but oh well. Ignore me.

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Yep, I have 175 screenshots of my own!

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It’s a little basic, but I’ve always liked this one I took a while back of the tower at night:

And here’s one from my entry in the original condo contest:


I’ve went through the ones I’ve uploaded to steam and picked out a few:

And can we please add this last one for a split second just to mess with people:

Edit: Oh I just noticed that in the fireworks one the word ‘fugger’ is used. Don’t know if it would be counted but take it or leave it. On another note, I have others saved on my laptop, so depending on how long this goes, I can upload them as well.


These are ones I have currently that meet the criteria, at least as far as I can tell.



Pretty much every screenshot I take has some sort of workshop model in it unfortunately. These are the only ones I have that don’t:


Love the one with all the cat sacks!


Well that’s a new wallpaper. This is an amazing screenshot.

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These are brilliant, thank you! Keep 'em coming!


Man I have so many good screenshots but they all fail the “No Workshop” criteria! Laaaaaame. Ah well, have these:


some of mine screenshots

Here are some screenshots:

(lol old pet progress picture)

Unfortunately, a lot of the images I took did not meet the criteria :frowning:

Hopefully at least one of these images can help out!


Here is a screenshot I’m fairly proud of. It is a little snippet I took of my condo.


It’s not much but it has the king in it

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Here’s a few screenshots from my condo!