The time is 420?

when i was playing TU to check out the new nightly this hapend:

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Did you check the time?

This plays at 4:20

is this suposed to be a little easter egg or something?

Not really an easter egg, it’s just commemorative of the special time of day.

Old post is old

are they planning on keeping this on EA release bcause i think it needs to stay :slight_smile:


I’m sorry
But can’t you search before you post something

Couldn’t Pixeltail Games get in trouble for using this guy’s video in their game? Did they get permission from the original creator or something?

Technically, yeah. The guy who made the video is actually a pretty decent guy (last I checked), so I doubt that he’d outright deny the use of the clip in the game.
Though, PixelTail Games should definitely ask permission before EA release or remove it.

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It’s better to have every part of their game safe to use rather than running a potential risk.

Tyty from On Your Computer is a sweet handsome boy and I’m definitely sure he would not mind that clip being in tower, so theres no threat of running into trouble if it’s used.