The Sunset Resort ((WIP))

Sup. When I first introduced myself to these forums, I mentioned that I was working on a “Resort project”. Well, after nearly 2 months of work put in so far, I’m proud to release details of the inside of the Sunset Resort for the first time.

Two things to note before we get to the screenshots. First, the resort itself is named the Sunset Resort because the daylight out in the outdoor areas is always set to sunset, which I think adds to the overall atmosphere of the Resort. Secondly, as noted in the topic header, a lot of this Resort is still under construction, so expect this topic to be updated quite a few times over the course of who knows how long. Anything can be added, modified, or removed with and without notice.

With that said, let’s step right in.

Entrance and Seasons Garden

Upon entrance of the Sunset Resort, you’ll walk into the Atrium (unless, you decided to take the entrance to the Outdoor area for whatever reason), in which straight ahead you’ll find what I call the Seasons Garden. The Seasons Garden changes every single season according to the Northern Hemisphere. Right now, it is Spring, so the Seasons Garden is full of birch/oak trees and flowers. However, upon the arrival of Summer, the topiary will be replaced with palm trees and shrubs and the like. There’s also changes for Autumn and Winter.

Plaza and Shops

If you keep walking straight ahead from the Atrium, you’ll enter the main Plaza. Aside from the advertisements on the wall and the topiary that corresponds with the Seasons Garden, there’s not too much going on in the Plaza right now, but the Shops are a different story.

Our first stop is McDonald’s, because there just absolutely had to be a McDonald’s in this Resort.

For this McDonald’s in particular, I kind of stylized it more like an old McDonald’s rather than the more recent modern ones.

Right below McDonald’s is the Arcade. Ignore all the quarters on the floor.

Meanwhile, right next to McDonald’s is the Vineshop, a store specializing in Vinesauce merch…even though there isn’t a lot in there for some reason. This was also primarly built about Vinny and Joel, but references to other Vinesauce streamers may be added in the future.

This is the spot to grab some spicy hot vinyls from both Red Vox and a rather unknown musician.

After you’re done “shopping”, you can check-out with good ol’ Meat.

Oh, by the way, ignore Mr. Dink’s dead corpse. We’re still in the process of removing it.

Next up, across the Plaza, we got the Trophy Room. This is a pretty simple room, just meant to showcase all the trophies I’ve managed to collect throughout my playthrough of the gameworlds.

And finally, the shop that I put the most passion into, the Sports Grill.

Some elements of the Sports Grill are based off of real-life sports bar and grills in the area I live in. The pictures on the TV’s were achieved simply through gizmo movement, but as you can see, there’s 1 TV left alone so visitors can watch their stuff on that if they so desire.


As of now, the Theatre is still being worked on, but I have created this little concession stand as a starting point. An NPC might be added later.

The Outdoors

One of the landmarks of the Outdoors section of the Sunset Resort is the Owner’s Cabin, AKA my place of “residence”. I’ve truly personalized it to my liking, so there’s some gaming stuff and a desk for work and business. I might redo the walls though, they’re looking a bit bland at the moment.

While working on the Sunset Resort, I’ve visited other people’s Resort condos, and out of all I’ve seen, barely anyone seems to touch the Pool area. So, with that said, I touched it up a bit, with a furnished outdoor bar and also umbrella tables around the pool.

Suites (Supernova Hotel)

Finally, let’s end things off with the suites in the Supernova Hotel. At first, it was going to be a community condo area, but considering it’s gonna take a while for that feature to come out, I decided to give each room a different theme.

This area is still a heavy WIP, but I have one completed room to show off, the Halloween room, because who doesn’t love Halloween in April?

So, with that, that’s all there is in the Sunset Resort as of now. Being my first big project in Tower Unite, I’m pretty proud of it so far. More stuff will be coming soon, so stay tuned…or not. It’s not like I’m forcing you to.


if you ‘edit’ the basic grass, you can change its variation to a wider spread, just a tip!

neat. I am amazed at how accurate the mcdonalds, acade, and bar are to their real life equivalents. Very good job!


Wow, looks great! Clearly a lot of effort. Nice job.

wow, it looks really amazing, congratulations!!

I absolutely love people building in their resorts, it’s such an uncommon thing to see and mostly all of the time it looks really good. Keep up the great work!

Thank you Nova, very cool!

Woah, 4 months goes by pretty fast, huh?

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates on this thing. I got a bit tired of the game shortly after this thread was created and took a short break until July, but now I’ve grinded up units, bought a crap ton of more furniture, and the resort’s ready for another update. Hope no-one minds the bump.


Nothing too much has changed in the Plaza area, but I would like to point some two minor stuff.

First off, the new Art Gallery!

The Art Gallery as of now features art from members of my own Discord server mixed in with art featured in the hallways of my now-abandoned Highrise project. The art here will rotate from time to time.

Secondly, the Arcade has received a few minor touchups, including the addition of a new psuedo claw machine and new neon signs.

And that’s it for the Plaza, but the area I’ve been really focusing on for a while now is the Suites.

New Suites (Supernova Hotel)

Since the reveal, 3 new suites have been completed, with 1 currrently under construction, and numerous more in the planning stages.

First up, let’s look at one of the new ones, the Void Suite.

It’s just a blank white void. Nothing more, nothing less.

Next up is a suite some of you old timers might enjoy, the GMod Tower Suite.

I’ve never played GMod Tower myself, so a lot of this was based on looking at pictures of suites GMT players made when the game was still active, but hey, most of the furniture here is taken straight from GMT.

So with that, finally, here is the last new suite, the Hunting Suite.

Fun fact, this was gonna be a suite entirely themed to fishing only in order to utilize all of the stuff I’ve caught in the Fishing minigame, but after a while, I decided to switch to a Hunting theme for a bit more creative freedom.

Now, that’s all of the new completed suites, but I’m still working on one suite, the Christmas Suite. Here’s a little sneak peek.

Along with that, I still have a lot of ideas for potential suites, like a Video Gaming suite, a Tropical Suite, and more. Hope you’re excited to see what I got in store for the future.

Finally, the last new thing in the Sunset Resort as of now, the Breakfast Bar.

Yeah, I know, it’s always sunset in the Sunset Resort, so you could argue that people would always need dinner, but let’s just assume this is like upper-Alaska in the summer time where it’s sunny 24/7, alright?

Anyways, that’s all for now! I’m still pretty focused on this project, so I won’t leave anyone in the dust for another 4 months like I did last time. Hope you’re excited to see what’s coming up soon!


This looks great, I’m glad this condo is still being expanded, it’s one of the greats.


This is insane! It’s like a whole new Plaza.