The Steam Thread

Considering Tower Unite has been released on Steam, let’s all share our Steam profiles so we can play together, whether it be Tower Unite or any other!

This is my profile. :video_game:

Err…considering the fact that you can put your Steam Profile on your Forum Profile…isn’t this kind of a moot point. I just have to click your Forum name and get your community url…

True, but it’s a lot easier to congregate here and share them to plan groups beforehand. And not everybody uses/visits forum profiles, which is a shame for developers who put time into making them.

We can also discuss what other games we have and add that way. It just seems simpler.

Just click my portrait and add me, I’ll accept. The link may be a little decieving

Lovely ID.

Very elegant amirite?

Here’s mine. It even includes a Whale with a rocket launcher.

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Here’s mine. such a sexy profile amiright?

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