The Spaceship

I made a spaceship because my son’s big favorite is the sci-fi genre.
The movie called “Passengers” inspired me…
I hope you like it too …(Art Studio)
Controller section:


Living room:


My dog: “Killer” :slight_smile:

ground floor:

“The Passenger ship” : It can be downloaded in the workshop :slight_smile:


Excellent work! I like how you employed various furniture to achieve that modern, sleek look!


Thank you very much…I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Looks really good. I like it, especially the living room.

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I love how you used what looks like cosmic catsacks for windows!

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I’m glad you like it… Thank you very much guys :revolving_hearts:

Oooh, I loved “Passengers” and I totally get that vibe. Although, where my fruit frees in the deck? lol (jkjk) Nice use of the cosmic texture!

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So cool! Love the modern sci-fi look. Easily one of the coolest condos I’ve seen in awhile.


You heard that right, macdguy approves

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The living room is sooo cozy

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Yes it is lagging behind, here it is:


I love that movie, it has such soft lights, cool atmosphere…

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Thank you very much for the kind words, it means a lot…

Arthur is my favorite, it just wouldn’t fit anymore…


This is like a geocities website as a spaceship
(This is a compliment, geocities aesthetic is very good)

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Yes I always have a problem understanding the language, but I understood that and thank you for the compliment… :revolving_hearts:

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