The sequel to Garry's Mod is in development (apparently)


“We wouldn’t raise the price now, I mean we’re kind of working on a sequel, so it’d be stupid to the raise the price, really. It’s early days. We’re looking at having more VR stuff in it - that’s the big point of it. And it won’t be called Garry’s Mod 2.”


HUNDREDS MORE HOURS TO PLAY! WHOO! But in all seriousness I’m giga-hyped.

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Imagine, having a flexible platform for virtual reality scenarios.
This brings sex poses in garry’s mod to a whole new level.


As long as they don’t pull a Gmod 13, I’ll be interested.

I’m glad they’re avoiding the cliche “Garry’s Mod 2” as well.

Wow. I’m excited and disappointed at the same time. I like how there is going to be a new Garry’s Mod and such, but Gmodtower won’t be there for it… :frowning:

Nah who cares, we’ll have Tower Unite, which is basically GMod Tower :smiley:

Now if this is actually true, then I am super extremely hyped! Finally we will have a sandbox game that is actually playable by today’s standards.

Calling it Garry’s Mod 2 would not even make sense. We actually already had a GMod 2. It was released in in 2004:grin:

Well, if the article isn’t enough to confirm it, then this probably is.

Now I’ll just hope that the sequel will have a massive game engine improvement (bigger maps finally), if possible. Atleast so developers don’t get tired of an over 10 years old game engine that kinda sucks compared to today’s modern game engines like say, UE4 or CryEngine 3 (hence the lack of good content in GMod).

Interesting. I wonder if they’ll stick with Source and build it on Source 2.

Most likely, if they want to keep it a physics sandbox. I mean, they could do that in any other engine, but Valve would only be okay with the massive amounts of HL2 content if it was hooking into Source.

Pretty sure it’ll be in Unity.

I also don’t know how you can make a sequel to Garry’s mod without half-life 2 assets and characters. Just wouldn’t have the same charm or enough content to keep it thriving like current GMod. VR may sound cool but in practice there is much to learn before proper mainstream adoption and correct implementation for games.


I am also expecting it to be Unity. Giving how Cities Skylines manage their asset creation, I would expect the workshop content creation to be somewhat similar to the one of that game. Minh Le who is now working with Garry also mentioned how it’s much easier to work with Unity in a presentation he gave here in Portugal, so I would definitely bet on Unity.

As for the whole story of being a Garry’s Mod 2, I guess that’s just the way to describe it and will most likely be a bit far from the current Garry’s Mod we know and love, and will most likely be indeed a standalone play box with easy code input with no actual mount from Source games. If they end up using C# it would definitely make it easier to expand the boundaries of the original game and make it more open. I can definitely picture a Garry’s Mod Sequel with content creation and visual programming to streamline content in a few hours.

I wouldn’t put my hopes up yet tough, they currently got two (Rust and Before) games under production, and I don’t see this sequel being worked full time until at least one of those two are complete.

There’s problems with using Unity though.

Here’s what I think makes GMod so successful:

  • Half-Life 2 content. It supplies all the models and characters and fun NPCs.
  • Workshop.
  • GLUA support. Lua is easy to use and having a stricter code engine would make it harder for just new developers to get in there and make stuff.
  • Community Developers who aren’t Garry.
  • Custom servers with custom gamemodes. Without lots of premade content, though, this would be dead. Most servers do not make their own content and instead rely on HL2 and CSS content.
  • The engine can run on old machines. If GMod 2 weren’t on an engine like Unity that can downscale for old machines, then it’s already done for.
  • Sandbox mode. This would be easy to recreate outside of Source.
  • Solid multiplayer support.

Without the backend and content of Source, I just don’t see a sequel succeeding like GMod did.


I personally thing all those problems can be solved no matter the engine really. At this point I think a good game design is what needs to be done here, specially to convince content creators to create content for it. I really think there’s a way to put all the points you showed into the sequel:

  • Half-Life 2 Content is indeed something. The models are very charismatic and fun to play with, but if the correct import methods set up, it can be easy thing to get them back in. It’s basically the same argument that people present when they say “Tower Unite is going to lose its charm when exiting GMod” when in fact all that’s there can be ported to the new version with new tools.
  • Cities Skylines does Unity Workshop right. Creation of content with the stuff already in-game and importing of custom meshes and objects are just as easy as each other. This “Toybox” needs to have a content-creation method as easy as Skylines does it for it to have a populated workshop.
  • I never tried GLUA or LUA, so I can’t really present my point of view on this one without bias, but I can tell that C# with UnityScript is probably just as manageable, and with very few lines, you can get stuff done (most of the times).
  • Doesn’t seem like that community developers will be going anyway anytime soon. I doubt Garry and his team would make a closed game that is exactly targeted at content creation.
  • I fully agree with you on this one, specially if the game is targeted at content creators. A decent amount of premade content and gamemodes need to exist in order to make the game catch right from the begging, specially to content developers. The more content developers there are, the more stuff for servers to host there.
  • I don’t think this will be a problem any time sooner. Unity still supports Windows XP, and with easy multi-platform support, ports would definitely work better than Garry’s Mod for Linux.
  • Indeed.
  • This is the thing that has me the most worried. Unity Networking changes it’s implementation almost every new release. There are decent multiplayer games working on Unity, but for something like a Garry’s Mod successor, it would definitely require a lot of custom networking code.

The only thing that has me worried if they used Unity are the content creators themselves. As Unity is an open engine, as they start developing their own content for the game its most likely that the thought of doing it standalone will most likely cross their minds. While this is not a bad thing, for the game it will be, since a lot of the content targeted to will probably end up going standalone. :sweat:

In the end, I think we can’t just assume this a sequel to Garry’s Mod but rather see it a separate thing. Whatever this thing ends up becoming, it needs to be specially targeted at content developers to get their content out there easily and for players to grab it as well.

That was a long post, but I like debating this stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I fully agree with the post above. I think Half-Life 2 content, Lua, community made stuff and solid multiplayer support is what makes Garry’s Mod. GMod is just not GMod if it doesn’t have HL2 content in it. Even though I am not a developer in Garry’s Mod, I personally would hate seeing the programming language change (especially to ugly ones like C++ or Javascript… or PYTHON), it was always GLua, so it should continue being GLua. It’s so much easier to get into than some other superior programming languages out there.
I really have my slight doubts in a sequel. Even though I mentioned that I am super extremely excited in my last post, there’s just some problems that hinder a sequel being even nearly as successful as the current game.

I got ninja’d, so I meant Mac’s post…

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Without Source 2, I feel that this sequel will honestly feel more like a spiritual successor than an actual sequel. Will it be successful, though? Only time will tell.

I do agree that Workshop, multiplayer, and Valve models do make up a LOT of the fun of GMod though. (That and all the awesome and crazy machinimas people make for it.)


As long as it has FNAF and pony oc models people will play it.
So will it prosper? Yes, absolutely, but it won’t be GMod. Not by a long shot.

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I guess my original point is this:

Why? For what reason should a GMod sequel be made? It’s so risky and such a huge amount of developers are required to make it prosper. Why would you play the new GMod verses the old one that already has tons of content in it ready to go?

It’s an interesting question and one that is constantly on our minds for Tower Unite. Why does Tower Unite need to exist? For us it simply boiled down to: easier to access, direct connection of our game and community, improved networking, and incredible graphics.

What the sequel to GMod would need to do is somehow overpower the popularity of the original, which I personally don’t see happening. A lot of the initial popularity of GMod was due to the Source engine and being able to play around with HL2 content. The current GMod is all about playing new inventive gamemodes that rely on HL2 content and CSS content.

Yes, Source is old, but it has years and years of content that’s made for it and ready to play with right now.

A sequel to GMod is a massive undertaking, and I guess consider me interested in seeing its execution, but it’ll have to completely amaze me (and others) to even consider it over the current GMod.


I’m sure Garry will find a way to make it one of the most popular games on Steam like he does with all his other games.

I guess it’ll be a very similiar case like the relations between GMod 9 and GMod 10 back in 2006. I am not sure how exactly the players were spread over the two games, but I think GMod 10 only got a real community at about late 2007. Before that, GMod 9 was still the superior GMod.