The Sapphire Emporium!


Welcome! Here I’ll be showing a bunch of pictures of my character and Internet pseudonym, Sapphire Eclipse!
(This won’t be a comprehensive list, as I’ll only be posting artwork that doesn’t contain others’ characters, and only artwork I’ve got explicit reposting permission for. If you wanna see more, PM me and I can link you to the originals of ones I can’t post here!)

I’ll go in order of when I got them, from start to now;

Above is my first ever non-pony creator picture, created by DeviantArt user Arrkhal, whom was a Steam friend of mine for quite some time. It’s supposed to depict Sapphire just relaxing against some hay, but pony anatomy ended up making it look a bit lewd. This was not a problem for the most part, though, since I mostly used the image as a cropped profile picture.

This next one is my second commissioned image ever. I wanted something a bit less silly.
Created by DeviantArt user Tarantad0, whom added the scarf randomly. I took quite a liking to the scarf, and it became part of my character for the most part.

This third picture was actually a gift from a close friend, whom was a good friend of the artist.
DeviantArt user Chocolate Scotch made this, but they sadly went dark not long after doing so, it’s currently their last uploaded work.

This is a simple bust, for use as a profile icon. It was done by Twigileia, whom some may know for being friends with, and even dating at one point, the musician WoodenToaster. Twigileia and I had been friends for a fair bit, and I’d long admired her artwork. So, being the art nut I am, I commissioned her. This is actually my second commission with her, the first being a couple picture I’ll not be posting here.
(No longer a couple.)

This picture, by Twigileia again, was part of a funding drive she was doing, making quick, fun Halloween profile icons to raise money for some better equipment. I plan to use this picture yearly on Steam during each October.

Another picture by Twigileia, the DeviantArt upload is titled ‘horse tiddies’.
I honestly have no excuse for this one, keyhole sweaters were trending last Winter, and I wanted in on the fad.
This was also the first ever anthro depiction of Sapphire, outside of text roleplay and description.

Socks and butts. Another fad. I’m sorry.
Made by Twigileia again.

Another bust, intended as a profile picture. This one is by VaraAnn on DeviantArt, I came across her art whilst randomly browsing, and quickly fell in love with her lineless, pastel coloured styles.

Youtube animator ShadesOfEverfree made this full body picture of Sapphire for me, he too uses a lineless style, and I love it!

CircusCinnamon on DeviantArt made this picture to celebrate my 6th year of using Steam!

My second ever anthro picture, this one was made by Koveliana on DeviantArt, and the current picture I use on most sites. Much like VaraAnn, I stumbled upon Koveliana whilst browsing, and loved how sparkly and pretty her pictures were.

And that’s it! There’s a bunch more pictures out there, but they’re either private, or couple pictures including the characters of close friends, or otherwise ex-partners. I’m still happy to provide links to their original posts if people are interested.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this tour of everything Sapphire, and maybe even found some new artists to follow!


Reminds me a bit of Princess Luna.

I seem to get that a lot for some reason, despite having completely different colours and hairstyle. :crying_cat_face:

I feel like I’m in a museum

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Gah, your OC is so cute! I love all the depictions of them! :smile_cat:

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BUMP is all of that in your condo?

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Who is dat guy

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No idea. Just a random gif I knew existed.

Nah, I’ve got some canvases but I’m not sure what to use them for yet.

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I liek the second one

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If I were to hang one in my condo, that’s the one I’d pick. Nice background but it puts the character in front too.

I used that one as a mouse mat, because the watermark sucks.

There’s a one without the watermark on my profile’s art section. :smile_cat:

Dunno how to find it. How can I access it?

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