The Roombas are our new personal heroes

So last night, I had just made a pretty awesome shrine in my underwater condo which then ended with me and a friend of mine drinking all the vodka I had surrounding the (totally not Russian related) shrine.

We messed around for about an hour watching our drunken characters stumble around everywhere and generally getting into some hilarious antics, including setting the condo to public and inviting other players to join the party.

When we were finally done, we returned to the surface and sobered up. Very soon after, two other players joined and we told them that they had unfortunately missed the party. However, the party was just beginning for them as they were role playing as roombas.

Not only did they clean up, but they actually played sounds of vacuuming while they did it. Now after an hour of being drunk and being in a funny mood, this was just the best thing we had ever seen. Their timing was perfect and to those two roomba players, I want you to know that me and my friend consider you our personal heroes for how much of a laugh it gave us. We’re confidant that nothing will ever top that condo experience for us.

I love this game.

Anyway, have the roombas shown up for anyone else? Any other stories to share about the mystical Tower Unite roomba duo? I really want them to be known, cos they had me and my friend rolling on the floor laughing for a good while


Now i’ve heard that