The rollover sounds on appearance customizer

Those sounds that are made when you roll over buttons in the appearance window must change.

Every time I want to attempt to change my hat, I have to roll over a button or two. I know that, that’s how buttons work. But the sound it makes is just unbearable, because I know how it was recorded and exactly what sound it is. The reason it should be changed is so that I can change appearance in peace, without the tantalizing image of Foohy’s lips, distance to my ear drawing nearer and nearer as they slowly part while his tongue makes a swift motion, resulting in a


And while he’s moving away from my ear, the tingling sensation of his breath lingers in the air around my ears and…

I’m sure you get the idea. It feels weird and oddly spacial and stuff.

Scott if you’re reading this I’m sorry.

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You love Foohy’s sensual seductive face noises and you know it.

Those sounds aren’t made by Foohy.


Way to ruin the illusion.

I’m horrified

This might be the moist sounds used for the buttons. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You would probably be surprised of how many games probably use mouth sounds as UI and Feedback sounds.

probably a lot

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