The Road Ahead: July 2017


Cant wait for the plaza events system and the lobby unifying system, should make the game feel more alive

And for anyone worrying about game world payouts, it was pretty much impossible to make any comparable profit playing game worlds if you know what you can get out of the casino.


Sounds Neat! Can’t Wait! :slight_smile:


I mean, Ive spent probably atleast 100hrs in the Casino since release. I only just recently won my first WoM jackpot of 6.2 million units (which was awesome, but still nothing compared to some users).


I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m SO GLAD you’re redoing the chat system entirely, because right now it just feels… clunky. Really clunky. As in, I see chat messages from the lobby when I’m in a condo and I can’t even tell because it just says ‘LOCAL’ or ‘GLOBAL’ next to the message. I can’t wait to just forego all of that and have Tower automatically switch me to the Local chat tab when I’m in a condo. (…that’ll be a setting, right?)

I’m also hyped for the shared lobby system as well. I’m assuming this means that the main menu Lobby button will just auto-select a server (unless specified in the Options menu) from now on? If so, then that’s perfect and streamlines the system nicely. I like the ‘wisp’ AKA BALLCOP™ idea for the ghost players you showed off at the most recent stream, but I’d honestly prefer a sort of ‘ghost’ playermodel (that isn’t the one from Little Crusaders). Sort of a more ghost-y version of the main playermodel, except genderless. And with hats. (Heck, you can even get away with hiding the jetpack because ghosts can float!) Or even maybe just have transparent models of the players with all their outfits so that the lobby can look more realistically occupied (though I know this would be harder to program).

All in all, I’m excited for the future of Tower. With this update and the upcoming community condos, this is going to breathe even more life into Tower and I cannot wait for it. :smiley:




Can’t wait for the Zombie of the Massacre! Hells yes!


Personally, I found Zombie Massacre in Gmod Tower a little too easy.

Was that intended or… are you guys going to make a little harder? I’m cool with it being what it was if thats the intention, because I have a feeling many people enjoyed it.


I found it a bit difficult, you must have just been good at it and you didn’t know it.


With the max amount of players it was pretty easy. I don’t remember losing a game once.


it was sometimes really easy, sometimes hard, it mostly depended on how good the teamwork was, if people refused to revive eachother and all stood at different sides of the map then everyone kept dying

(S what you get for being greedy)


Has the payout increase happened yet?


Yes. It was part of the August 3rd, 2017 patch (


Cool, thanks!


Awesome !
Will be highly looking forward to the Game payout increases & Milestone Awards :grin:

Keep up the good work


Wrong July. Although you can still look forward to the other mentioned features.
(Wait, really?? It’s been an entire year?)


It’s already happened.


This thread should probably be locked


oh damn :joy:
I just assumed it wasn’t since other content was still not released.

Can’t say the payout increase has made a difference regarding the casino situation.
Especially since i didn’t even notice it :relieved:

Still excited for future content !


The majority of this content was actually put into the game and then taken out because the devs felt they weren’t finished yet. Next update ( will reintroduce everything here with the exception of Achievements, which were postponed since they are waiting on a couple pieces for those.

That said, the payout increase was massive lol. If you didn’t notice it, I’m guessing you didn’t pay attention to just how little we earned before :stuck_out_tongue: