The Radio™

A functional radio media player, this radio would be set apart from other media players as when turned on by the host will then be autoplaying to anyone who joins. You would be able to turn it off in the Q Menu.

The radio would also be unique in that it would have the ability to create playlists that are saved and exportable to give to friends. (a simple txt file of urls would suffice)

The host can select a playlist and shuffle it for the condo. This would be savable allowing the host to save which station(playlist) was selected allowing them to reopen there condo and be greeted by music immediately.

If it wasn’t obvious there would be no video display.

Players inside the condo should also be able to export and save the playlist allowing them to save it for themselves.

The autoplay on join could be disabled by the host. Only one radio can autoplay at once. and the playlist should loop indefinitely or switch to another when ended if the host chooses. Only one radio can be enabled by the user at once.

Bonus Idea: The radio could begin autoplaying depending on the Players area in the map. (The location name in the botton left)

is this really not planned on the trello?

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wait it is not?
i thought it was since a lot of people want it ingame for like ambient sound in their condos.

But why would you limit those features to the radio?

A radio, audio only item is something that’s on my upcoming features list.

Playlist support could happen.


i mean i guess it doesn’t have to be, i don’t see the use of having some of these features on a tv, but i guess having playlists is handy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any thoughts on autoplay?

I don’t think i mentioned this idea ever, but i always wanted a boombox item that you could carry around, which would play selected music. You would be able to mute specific players, or just mute it in general. Or only unmute steam friends. Basically just micspam with extra steps, but i always wanted to run around the lobby, blasting Loadsamoney

I’m sold on the idea of creating a playlist and allowing friends an option to export my playlist in case they’d like to add it to their condo, or even selective songs. :wink:

Like I could put like ten tracks and name the playlist/describe it (i.e. “Friends House Selections”) and they could bookmark it or add it to the radio’s edit function or something. Even just individual song exporting passing around from friend to friend sounds cool, too.

Can the playlist support be added to general media players? I’d love to have a cinema that can actually play a playlist of preselected short movies on YouTube.