The Programming Thread

Surprised no-one here has been too much of a nerd to make this thread yet.
What this thread is for:

  • Bragging about how much of a great programmer you are
  • Asking for help
  • Circlejerking about which language is the best (nodejs all the way)

I’ll start with some content that covers all 3 of the above!

A couple of weeks ago I was a semi-finalist at the YRS festival of code, which was fun. You can see what I made here:
I also made a steambot that links to the cleverbot API, if you want to talk to it you can add it here:

Does anyone happen to know why this

var dbj = JSON.parse( fs.readFileSync( "db.json" ) )
	var db = []

	console.log( dbj )

	for ( var key in dbj ) {
	    if ( key in dbj ) {
	    	console.log( key )
	      db.push( dbj[ key ] ); 
		  db[ key ][ 5 ] = key

gets completely broken when I pass an object with keys that go 1, 2, 3, 4, 6?

And finally…

node.js master race

I printed a “Hello World!” message once.


I’m very new to programming. I just started on my last year of High School and will definitely be studying it in college (Software Engineering for the win!). So far I only know extremely basic Java, but I’ve had fun learning it. I’ve made a stupid little choose your own adventure style game and am currently in the process of (read: procrastinating on) making its even stupider sequel. So far I’ve been really comfortable coding and I hope to turn it into my career later.

I’d love to learn lua. What I just massively lack for this is motivation though. What would keep me at coding lua? I don’t wanna learn a bit, code a bit, and then never touch lua again.

Well, you could start making your own Garry’s Mod mods. That’d be good motivation for myself, at least.

Then again, I don’t know how much longer GMod even has. is great because a lot of the jobs are really basic, and you get paid for doing them, that’s how I got in to coding (back when coderhire was still around)

Edit: Add me on steam if you want to learn Lua,

That basically seems like a CoderHire v2.0

What even happened to CoderHire to get it shut down?

Yes. undefined didn’t really have time to manage it anymore, and closed it down. Just shortly after, scriptfodder came.

Owner got sick of all the drama it caused, it was constantly getting DDoSed as well.

Ah, makes sense. I thought they were sick of the leaks or something.

As a guy who’s sold on scriptfodder, leaks are easy to take down. 90% of file hosts will just take it down if you submit a DMCA.

Scriptfodder causes pretty much just as much drama, especially with this leaks stuff, as Coderhire. Why do we even have GMod marketplaces anyway? I hated them ever since I knew they exist.

Eh, it’s a very controversial topic. They are, in essence, paid mods, just as the Skyrim paid mods were a bit back (though, fairly enough, modders get much more % of the profit). Some programmers feel they deserve payment for their work, others do it just for fun (and possibly donations).

Scriptfodder is a plague on the GMod community, every DarkRP server is filled with the same addons, making it hard to get actual custom servers (like mine <3) popular, however, it’s incredibly easy money for people who know Lua, and it pays my server bills.The last script I sold on there netted me enough to run both my VPSes for 10 months.

Edit: Good post about leaks:

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It’s not really a bad thing to make money off of GMod scripts, that’s for sure. Some people however, use this so much, that they start seeing everything in GMod as dollar signs, and GMod itself as a business platform rather than a game. Heck, someone on facepunch even stated that he has a community based around buying up other communities. Like seriously? Buying communities is one of the saddest things you can just do in GMod.

Basically, the issue with paid mods/scripts/etc.

In the end, if you start comparing value, that’s when you start to see how messed up it is. Garry’s Mod is $10 and you’re buying a script that costs $15? Really?

I am currently developing my C# skills. For me it feels like one of the most practical languages to learn nowadays (next to the other C languages), although I apply it more to the Unity engine scripting than anything else.

I plan to start looking into Lua as soon as the Arcade API is out. The last time I tried it was in ROBLOX and when I tried LOVE once, and backthen, I didn’t grasp most of the concepts of programming (and I am still missing quite a lot). :neutral_face:

Think that’s bad? Try “donating” to 90% of any GMod server.

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When I see a leak anywhere, I feel betrayed by my customers

Technically, they weren’t your customers to begin with.

I know right? And gamemodes being sold for ~150$ just makes me wanna vomit. Like are you fucking kidding me? Even GTA V, which actually has millions upon millions of dollars invested into its development, and its enourmous size, one copy only costs 60€. And it’s a whole game on its own. But hell, a gameMODE (not even a game) for 150€? Dayum.

Ok guys, we’re going off-topic.