The Prizim Podcast - Steam Artwork Background Thread!

Hey Howdy folks! Alex here! I’m taking the liberty with help from a friend to create some neat-as-f*ck Steam backgrounds for you guys (As well as Art you can hang in a condo, your choice), and we’re starting off this post with 3 Maps! Keep an eye on this post as I’ll post more cinematic shots later of other maps too! Open each section to see the Photos within! (I Tidied them up to make it easier to scroll around.)

Virus - Overtime

Minigolf - Altitude

Accelerate - Pine Valley

EDIT - JULY 11th 2020:

Accelerate - Bedzoom

Minigolf - Forest

Ball Race - Event Horizon

See you round!



very nice

This is actually really awesome. Great job man. :slight_smile:

Yeah well done Alexer.

Also hello again @The_Lich , haven’t seen you in a while, what’s up?

I added some more! Come take a look!