The Prizim Podcast Show Masterpost!

Ladies and Gents, Worms and wrigglers, freaks and geeks alike, Allow me to announce to you the grand opening of THE PRIZIM PODCAST MARK TWO!

I’ll now be hosting Shows on my new set Every other Friday, starting tonight, October 12th, at 10pm! We have a couple segments tonight for your viewing pleasure, and everything is going to be streamed Live on Twitch at ! This post will also serve as a master post for future show announcements and other news, so please follow this post for continued updates! In the Meantime, Join my Discord and follow my Twitter!

Hope to see you all there!


I’ll be there most streams, some of them I will miss.

Thumbs up. Will watch because of this.

Dude, I love the design of the set!
The huge old TV is great. :laughing:

Hey Howdy guys!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be doing a Super Spooky Halloween Special Show on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26TH AT 10PM EST!

We’ll be doing a Variety of spooky Halloween Activities and segments that include the Audience and then we’ll have a SPOOKY SCARY AFTERPARTY after the Show is done! Hope to see you guys there!



Very nice! :skull: :+1:t2:

Hey guys! If you’re still watching the post, Our Super Spooky Special Show starts TONIGHT at 9:45pm EST! Join us for some spooky events, chat, and fun!

And if you don’t get to catch the show, you can still watch it Live From My perspective at!

Trick or Treat, bois.

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Here’s the cutouts for jack-o-lanterns and the wall graphic from tonight’s show!

0%20(Cutout%20-%20White) 0%20(cutout) PRIZIM

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Hey Guys! Sorry this post is late, but I’m letting y’all know we’re having a Show tomorrow (Friday 11/9) around about 10:00 pm EST! We’ll be talking about the upcoming community condos and also recounting some of our favorite Halloween moments! There will also be a few events, including our regular HOT SEAT SEGMENT! Be there or be square!


(A lil sneak peak for all y’all:)


Hey guys! I’m gonna do a Prizim Podcast Show Live from Lobby One on Saturday, Nov 24th! I’m planning to have a big tour-around of Lobby One and talk about the upcoming Community Condo features, as well as Fishing and Acheivements! Please join us on the 24th! If you can’t make it to the Show, Watch it live at!