The Prizim Partnership Program


Recently I realized something.

I’m absolutely f*cking terrible about uploading in a timely manner.

With University classes hogging most of my time, I really wanted to get more stuff in for people to enjoy the Prizim Podcast content, with the shows we do and everything. Problem is, I can’t have them as Often as I’d like due to the fact I’d quickly run out of shit to talk about.

But that’s where You guys Come in!

So, Do you like making Tower Unite content? Do you enjoy playing around with games and having a good time? Well have I got the thing for you:

Introducing the Prizim Partnership Program!

To put it simply, if you have YouTube stuff that you wanna share, or you wanna get a good leg up on making a channel of your own, then you can become a Prizim Partner and work with me! You can make videos or other stuff as often as you’d like, and I’ll upload it to the channel with your name on it! (I’m serious about that, btw. You’ll need to have a watermark on your Vids too.)

If you have a Twitch and like doing Twicth Stuff, or wanna get into Twitch, I’ll also let you stream to my Twitch channel so that you can promote your content there too!

Rules Regarding the Partnership:

  1. Content that you make has to be appropriate for the platform and theme of the channels. We focus mainly on TU content but I will allow other games so long as you run it by me. I also won’t tolerate offensive or overly controversial content because I don’t wanna have my channel get struck down and I’d like to avoid flame wars.

  2. If you wanna stream, you can have the option of either receiving a key or being added to a list of Hosts. Please keep in mind the previous rule to make sure whatever content you make isn’t running afoul of the rules.

  3. To submit your own created videos, you’ll need to email them to me (I’m working on a Dropbox) with an intended Title and Description, and a watermark present in the corner of the video. If you don’t have a watermark you can use, let me know and I’ll make you one.

  4. Finally, You’ll be added to a rank in the Prizim Discord that will have some slight admin power, Please do not abuse your powers on my server.

Failure in any of these rules more than once will result in a termination of Partnership!

That being said, I have this Handy form you can fill out here:

Untill then, Enjoy, and I look forward to working with any and all of you!

-Alex out!