The Pixeltail Twitch Streams

Im so stoked for when the streams come on. I just want to see what is going on. I can’t wait 2 weeks to see a small portion of stuff. Can you guys show off early concept stuff and screenshots of new stuff. I know caboose is already doing this but I want to see more.

I’d rather them work on the game than shower us with up to date screenshots every 15 seconds. I’m happy with the current flow of stuff, and you also need to keep in mind, that not everything is something visual. Plus, if you have the Alpha Access, there is a Weekly every Monday Night that shows off the LATEST in what they are doing, working or not.


We’d love to, but it does take a lot out of us mentally to prepare for the streams (they’re great for milestones).

We also wanna just keep working on the game full bore and having to stop to do a stream can slow us down.

So we aim for two weeks because that’s a good length before the next one, ensuring we’ll at least have something ready to show off by then.

Some weeks we have huge visual progress, other times nothing huge visually.

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will i get the vip beauty cone particle effect in tower unite orrr?

I believe one of the backer rewards was an exclusive particle effect.
We don’t know what it is yet, though.

Everything from AUDIOPHILE + digital copy of the art book AND an exclusive backer-only digital item - Choose 1 of 3 special effects that can be applied to your avatar: fire, electricity, or sparkles!

@macdguy Would we be able to change which effect we want or once we pick one thats what we get?

As in if I chose “Fire” then like a month later wanted “Sparkles”. Could I just swap it out?

This was already answered. :smiley_cat: