The original soda can is now a "Discontinued" item


It’s also been tagged “Not in Stores/Special”, so I hope all you collectors out there got yours before they went out of stock.
And yes, Vendy no longer sells them.


Why would they do such a thing!


That’s hilarious. We were clinging to 50k or whatever the price was Copycats thinking they’d be special, little did we know those empty soda cans were the real rarity.


i miss the 50k copycats :frowning:


I already have 180 soda cans. :sunglasses:


1024 soda cans, beat that


Sometimes, the really special thing is the friends we made along the way.

And vintage soda cans.




Is there a reason for this?


That took you guys some time to discover.
Here’s another one, the large christmas tree is gonna be phased out at some point, so if you want a large horde of christmas trees you better start buying them.


There will be a whole line of soda cans based around the new Splat model, it wouldn’t fit well with the rest that’s planned for later since it’s an old and generic model.


just bought one for 20k units, i hope you arent lying lol


I had my suspicions based on what other people have been saying about the christmas tree how it should be removed or might as well be since we got the gizmo tool, combined with the fact that the soda cans was discontinued

Then at one point macdguy came into the chat and talked while i was recording and someone mentioned christmas trees and he told us this:

So i went ahead and bought 99 just because.


If you want a large Christmas tree and they’re phased out when you’re reading this, just scale up a regular Christmas tree x4.


That sadly cannot turn em into the “Large Christmas Tree” item


It’s a good simulation of Large Christmas Tree though.


splat soda is a knock off of slurp juice, dont buy it :frowning:


While on the subject of discontinued items, what happened to the Foohy Vinyls and the “Now that’s what I call elevator music” Vinyl? I used the search feature, but I couldn’t find it. The only evidence I have left is the Elevator music one that now has the “Not in stores/special” tag.


foohy left the dev team so they tried their best to wipe his presence clean from the game iirc


afaik its only because its made irrelevant by the vinyl canvas, has nothing to do with foohy’s departure