The only thing i need in Tower Unite

My hat,
I only need that and i will be satisfied,
like i don’t care what other awesome features are added.
if i just have my hat or something that looks like it + hairstyles
then i am satisfied.
even if the game turns out bad, i will still be happy,
because i have my hat.

If your talking about Link’s Hat Specifically, then your going to need to wait for a modder to make it for the Workshop as Pixeltail does not have the rights to Nintendo Property.

It’s copywritten to Nintendo, you won’t see a hat like that by us.

Really? the hat is copyrighted? did they really copyright a hat,
Can i see proof?

Its kind of how you don’t see Mario’s hat in every single game ever. Or Mickey Mouse’s Glove. They own the design.


It’s part of the character they own. It’s all about brand recognization. We don’t want to tip toe around copywritten stuff on our first game or ever to be honest.

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hm alright, so no green sacks on your head because that’s seen as copyrighted, but i get it because its you guys first game and so you’re careful around stuff like this, understood.

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The hat is part of the character and the character is copywritten. Thus, the hat is also copywritten.

Still, though, a Workshop creator can make one if its in demand (and will surely be). Don’t worry too much.

Oh, i know, a parody perhaps, like just a green hat, no?