The One Thing I miss

The one thing I miss from Gmod Tower is the tight knit community due to there only being two servers. I really liked that feel, and I know that some people had really bad connections due to distance but I absolutely loved it. What are the chances that we could get one server on one side of the US and one for the other side, and same with the other countries?


We are by no means done with the the Lobby aspect of the game. We want the tight knit feel. However, we do believe people should be able to host their own Lobby.

We have been talking and designing changes for months, but it’s not a simple switch to make it so. We don’t want to remove the ability to host Lobbies, but we want everyone to play as if they are are on the same Lobby. It’s tough and something that hasn’t really been achieved yet in a game like this.

That said, we have been talking about hosting more official servers, but if all everyone plays are the official servers, what point is there for others to host their own Lobby?

Do we continue to expand the official servers and make it harder for people to host their own Lobbies, or do we back off?

There really isn’t a clear answer, yet.

Personally, I believe the close knit community is there but waiting for something to do in the Plaza. Casino and other games aim to solve that issue and we hope to see the community closer again.

We’ve got a lot to figure out together.


Oh, and if you want my dream scenerio: I would absolutely love if Tower Unite booted up and you were loaded into the Plaza instantly.

But obviously due to load times that won’t be really possible, yet.


I’m sure once the community grows the community it will begin to get tighter and have more people to interact with.

Thanks for the reply Mac! I appreciate it

Mac if you wanted that just give them a big ol button when they load their game that says click to join Plaza :stuck_out_tongue: course this is a joke and wouldn’t really make sense 100%


The game is like that now I have met like 7 people and know almost every person on the server

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