The Official Ball race shortcutting/speedrunning steam group

This is group for chosen shortcut/speed runners of GmTower’s/Tower Unite Ballrace. Here we’re going to post events, give some information to some tricks and keep fun. Group is made for people who are able to do shortcuts even if you know only one shortcut everyone is welcome
(also i am interested on people that want to find new shortcuts on tower unite)

Hey toast how i join the group? need to know at least 1 shortcut if you dont know shortcuts you need to be good at speed run
2.just hit me up on steam and i will add you

Q.why the group is private ?
A.we dont want spammers and trollers we want a clean group

Q.If i dont know many shortcuts you can teach me right ?
A.ofc we already upload videos that can teach you most recent ones are from bumpy and sn0

Q.will i get kicked from the group if i will be inactive

Q.Are the members friendly
A.they are very friendly if you join the group you are one of us

Q.Why you created this group
A.This group was made from me and some good friends back on gmtower we wanted to teach the players shortcuts because for us a good shortcut is art and we had plans to make events on future with prizes etc

Q.why we need to know at least 1 shortcut to join the group
A.the groups is about shortcuts and speedruns if you know 1 shortcut that verify that you know what you are doing and you know what shortcut means do you check if a member know shortcuts or not
A.we play alot with our members and we can see if they lie or not

group founded on 8 July, 2015 (the first group about ball race on steam)

right now everyone on the group is from gmtower i would be very happy if i see new people from tower unite

if i trust you and you mastered some maps or helped me somehow you have high chance to get promoted to moderator

have fun and speed run :stuck_out_tongue:


Owner: TheWalkingToast
Admins: Noubadi,Blasphemous,Bumpy
Mods: DuShawn,Damian,Galactic Penguin,Sn0,mast3r

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how’s it official?

It is officially the first group to have “Official” in its title. :grin:

i have the first group about ball race on the whole steam make research…

Sounds cool.

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Can you still join if your not an expert at Ball Race? You said tricks would be shared, and I often played Ball Race on Gmt to find shortcuts.

yes you can and we have many threads with tricks you can check just hit me up on steam :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow i will talk with the admins and we will see what we can add more on the group
and i will post an update :slight_smile: