The nostalgic childhood scares

Share your nostalgic childhood scares from yours, including video games, movies, tv show, etc.

Here’s my pick from my nostalgic scares.

If I had to pick my notable scary moments then…
Return the slab from Courage.
Pingu Runs Away.
Stepney gets Lost from Thomas

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Lan’s Face.

Anything related to Jumpscares killed me as a child. Even now (I’m 22) I still get destroyed by Jumpscares…
But when one special moment that scared me was at a 24 Hours Spongebob Marathon on Nickeloden. Because this happened on the Episode “Night Light”

I was so scared because of this stupid scene that I even switched to a bad German Sketch Show until I knew that the Episode was over.

Don’t forget about Courage’s dream in the middle of the episode and that creepy uncle episode when Courage is locked in the bathroom with this creep when the creeper enter his thoughts about people shaved when the Denny Elfman music plays in the backgrounds.

This level: