The new update and why I don't think it was ready

I’m going to get straight to the point.

I’m disappointed with the new bowling/monorail update… Let me start with bowling; first of all the lanes are really glitchy and some have no pins at the end of the lane until the first ball of the game reaches them, then they suddenly appear. Because of this glitch the pin sounds are non-existant… Also, the player seating is glitchy and players are just sitting on top of each other or floating above the table :confused:

Secondly, the bowling room is SO QUIET. There is literally no atmosphere! PLEASE devs add some backing music of some kind; honestly just a tranquil melody of some sort will do the job, especially one similar to the PlayStation Home bowling alley (it was so simple and worked so well). This also goes for the casino, theatre, tower lobby and arcade when it’s released!

Oh and the first time I opened one of the bowling shops (the other one wouldn’t open) I lost my cursor and was basically forced to quit the game because I couldn’t do anything… all these things combined makes the whole update seem so rushed and it’s a shame.

Monorail is a fun addition and I like it. There’s a few things I have to say though…
I was on 30 ping and when exiting the monorail I lagged back inside it and couldn’t leave until I went all the way back to the tower :sob:

Also, when I was inside it with a few others, their avatars were glitching out so bad it kinda ruined the experience. Apart from these (and the coming soon signs still being there) I like the monorail.

To summarize, bowling gameplay is amazing, you guys done an awesome job on that, but everything audio related regarding bowling needs a lot of work and so do the bugs/glitches.

Monorail is a nice addition to the plaza and really makes it look active, but those few glitches need sorting. Hopefully for future updates the games/additions the team develop aren’t unfinished. Also, music is a feature that needs to be added to the plaza areas to give the plaza a great atmosphere.

Apologies for my rant :smile:


We can’t test a lot of these things without deploying it to a live server. We do tons and tons of tests and builds and fixes before releasing, but ultimately it’s not going to be polished until we get real players testing the game.

This is addressed in the change log. It’s not something easy to fix and would delay the update by a week due to Thanksgiving.

Will is working on this. This game is still under construction.

This is also addressed in the change log. If you press Q real quick, it’ll fix it. It will be fixed in a patch soon.

Fun fact time!

Here’s how many developer builds we did just this month (I believe there was over 35 for just bowling):

Each dot is a build and the time is how long that build took. Each build we test, find bugs, implement fixes, then repeat.


Awesome, glad to hear!

That’s fair enough, I am forgetting that this is still early access and I should put more faith in you guys.
Thanks for everything you do and for creating such an amazing, unique game!


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I’d rather have a glitchy update than no update at all. The lack of content is killing this game.


I am fine with this update being glitchy (I have to see for myself first because I didn’t try the new update yet), I never expect things to work seamlessly from day 1. The devs cannot track down every single bug there is themselves, and so things need their time to become more fleshed out.

You say that, but then you and many others would end up complaining “this crap is broken, why even release it like this”

And that’s why the game is labeled as early access.


Again, we can’t test everything ourselves. With Early Access you are opting into beta (or even alpha) versions of gameplay, but with the benefit of providing feedback, new features, and of course you get to play it first.