The New Money Grabber (Got Perfect Game on Bowling)

I finally got a perfect game after I found a strike strategy! And I will keep using it!


Adding spin to the ball to get a strike?


it hurts



What is your strike strategy?

May not be the same as his strategy, but aiming between the 1 and 2/3 pins (a.k.a. the front pin and one of the pins in the row behind) and rolling the ball straight and relatively slow (around 2-3 seconds to move your mouse from bottom to top) should get you a strike 99% of the time.

I’ve gotten at least a dozen or so perfect games with this method, so it’s pretty solid.


S’How bowling works! Just hit the side of the pocket (pins 1, 2, and 3) and youll be good to go ;3

When you’re about to bowl, make sure you drag the cursor to the edge of the screen first so you can always bowl perfectly straight.

bowling needs to be made harder IMO

Bowling can be quite inconcistent though, even with the “perfect strategy”. Making it harder would just piss people off who are willing to grind for something that isn’t casino.

Besides, the average joe doesn’t really know, nor will they care.

One thing I have to address though is that this game right now kinda encourages to solo, because it would take 3 times as long to get the same unit amount when you’d play it on your own.


Yeah, drag it to the edge. Don’t add spin.