The new 368.39 Nvidia driver is awesome! 🙃

skip to 0:50 if your attention span is too short.

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I wanted to blame libvirt first, but then it turned out to be the windows gpu driver. It was really scary because the VM host would freeze aswell. After reverting back to 368.22, everything works completely fine.

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I reverted my NVIDIA drivers to 365.19 when I was trying to fix svchost.exe crashing on startup all the time, preventing aero from functioning.
The actual issue was just that I didn’t have the updates yet (I did a clean re-install of Windows).

Looks like you got hacked by DedSec. :sunglasses:


#Cunformed dawg

And it’s watching you


derp. you have to update your system m8.

Dang, nice dogs!


that’s what I said m8

I know. but you should update it regularly m8

I was like “oh cool you can share graphics cards now”
then im like “OH. OK.”

I’m running Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine. My host operating system is Fedora 23. Using vfio I can hand over my GPU to my Windows virtual machine. Because I also want output on my secondary monitor from Linux, I activated the iGPU aswell.
It’s a complex set up and requires advanced knowledge about how to use Linux.

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