The Little Firework Shack That Could, But Didn't: a story

It was a day like any other in the Chicago Plaza when I went to buy a large amount of fireworks in the Celebrations store for an unusual project: build a small house in a secluded area of the Plaza. The plan was simple: find a convenient location, stack the fireworks so that it looks like a house, and keep it that way for as long as humanly possible.

I first set out to build the shack on the pier behind the Cinema. The scenery was perfect: the ocean on one side, the beach with its palm trees, its wonderfully sculpted cliffs, and the Tower on the other.

And so the construction of the shack began. Unfortunately, my efforts proved fruitless as a green skeleton, seeing my progress as an opportunity to cause some mischief, jumped out of the nearby monorail and set my work on fire.

Shack #1
Status: in construction
Fate: destroyed
Cause: mischievous passerby
Lasted: around 12 minutes

While the incident proved to be a major setback, I couldn’t possibly give up on my great plan, and so I went to look for a new location.

After some research, I decided to settle for a small alcove in the rooftops of the Boardwalk, more precisely in the Poseidon Rollercoaster: much less glorious than the beach scenery, but at the same time it felt more comfortable. It was also much less exposed, despite being located in the heart of the Boardwalk: hidden in plain sight, one might say.

The construction took place in the middle of the night, so I had no other choice than to use a flashlight. Soon enough, just as light attracts nocturnal insects, two people got attracted by the light coming from my flashlight and discovered my shack. However, they showed to be much more friendly than the green skeleton from before and seemed eager to see the fruit of my labor, and even went as far as to look after my construction when I needed supplies at the Celebration store.

And so, after several minutes of hard work, I had accomplished my mission.

The two people who were keeping me company clearly took a liking to the shack, and it didn’t take much time before they started occupying the place.

Eventually, more people found out about the little firework shack, and found it to be a great place to hang out.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, whether we like it or not…
One of the guests set a small part of the bed on fire (yes that’s a bed on the screenshots), and just before anyone could do anything about it, the fire propagated to the rest of the shack, reducing it to dust in a matter of seconds.

Shack #2
Status: finished, inhabited
Fate: destroyed
Cause: domestic incident
Lasted: 1 hour

Thus ends the story of The Little Firework Shack… for now.

I gotta admit it was way too much fun to build such a thing under the pressure of being discovered, and ultimately having your work being for nothing. But everyone played along on my second attempt and it was really fun to experience. I plan on doing that again sometime, but on a larger scale.

Bonus discord chat:


I’m proud that I was able to protect and serve as Officer ZOX during the time of the slums.


Thank you for your service!

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I was happy to help you with this magical experience!
the shack may be gone, but its memory will live on forever <3

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As the contractor for the bed. I did not know someone could use it as a fire hazard I will make sure it doesn’t catch the building on fire next time.

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Loved reading this! Even shared it on twitter with my nonexisting following. Would love to see more of this kind of stuff on the TU forums.