The introduction that no one has been waiting for


It’s actually been more than a year since I have been here and I just realized that I never made one of these. I’m from India and I am currently studying in 9th grade.

How I got to know about Tower Unite:

So I got to know about Tower Unite through a Youtuber called Jelly (, he used to play Minigolf a lot before, mainly three games Golf It, Golf with Friends and Tower Unite. I really liked the concept of Minigolf so i decided to buy a Minigolf game. I was like ‘which one of the three shall I buy?’, I then proceeded to buy Tower Unite just because it was the most expensive (we all know, higher the price, better the game, right?).

At first, I actually regretted buying it, because after playing a little Minigolf I realized that I enjoy watching Minigolf more than I enjoy playing it. The game also looked kinda dead. The Plaza, as we all know takes ages to load, so after my first time trying to load it, I didn’t try loading it again for a week. In the start it was also a bit confusing, I also couldn’t understand what to do and how things actually worked. The people whom I met taught me how the game works and what we actually have to do.

Then slowly I started to try out other Game worlds, started making friends (which made the game seem more lively), waiting 5 minutes for the Plaza to load in. I actually started liking the game.

Then I got to know about the Trello, I was like ‘this game has so many things to offer’. The player count was also very slowly, but surely climbing up the ladder. After joining the forums my love for the game increased 10 times. Now I’m here with you fellow gamers enjoying what all TU has to offer and following it’s development closely.

Favorite Game Worlds : Virus and Ball Race
Favorite Plaza activity : Laser Tag
Favorite Condo : Default Condo

Looking forward to keep enjoying the game and interacting with the best community I have ever been a part of :smile:

My steam ID :

-Vaibhav Agarwal


It’s hard to welcome someone who’s already pretty settled in, but here goes…
Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!





welcome to paradise


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