The Helicopter did not take me

It was a solo ZM : Compound game, Day 5

I got the payout but u can see what I mean


this scene is so sad, you are just looking in the distance as you were left behind


don’t think this is a bug, you can be left behind if you take too long

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@Spookz I was solo bud, and there was time left

it doesn’t matter if it’s solo

You can get left behind if you take to long & don’t walk into the helicopter, it has happened to me aswell.

Not sure about when you get left behind but boarding the helicopter gives +500 points,
so i would highly recommend always doing it.

The game gives plenty of time & there’s no zombies left to stop you.
free points :ok_hand:

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My man, you should clean your boots before trying to get on a helicopter.

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I can confirm there was tine left

I think the helicopter has its own timer separate from the round’s

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Yes, after ‘clearing the remaining zombies’ you get 20 seconds to reach the helicopter.

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I’ve had this happen as well. I was at the helicopter and it didn’t take me. So it’s definitely still a thing