The guy who's not that funny. HaveACookieK

Hey! So I’m HaveACookieK and my real name is Christian.
I’m a scumbag, terrible with girls and grown on to Graphics design and gaming ^^

Currently at the teenage stage where even a guy like me gets his ‘period’…

If I were to go enjoy myself outside, I would go skating or dating :smiley:
When I feel like staying inside, I play buns of games + All sort of hobbies ( Art, graphics, Modeling etc )

I’m a big scum, but my friends live along with me :smiley:
So much love to PixelTail games, cause Gmod tower was my best experience in Gmod.
Tower unite is hyping me up and the team seems nice :blush:
Gonna put my money on this game right as I see it on Steam, since I’ve met the cool side of Gmod tower and the Dark side. I used to be such a kitten when uncovering the ‘streamer’ event. Appearance, reappearance etc.
Basically so much fun and good memories.
Scary or not :smiley:

So, HI Tower Unite Community and pls welcome me warmly, :blush: I like to go soft and slow :smile:

It wouldn’t be right to rely to EVERY single one of the welcoming replies, so just THANKS if you welcomed me! :smile:


Hahaha hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. I’ve grown a liking to you already :smile: Soft and slow might be a problem though…I’m a fast sorta guy.

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This somehow made my night :smile:

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

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Welcome to the club. You’ll fit right in :smile:

Also that’s not a bad thing, considering what comes after that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Welcome to our community! Have a nice stay

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Welcome to the pixeltail forums @HaveACookieK. Enjoy your stay. :relaxed:

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Welcome! :blue_heart:

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Welcome aboard! Show us some of your graphic work someday! :boat: