The Gmod Tower posters, now available in Tower Unite!

I bet the lot of you are gonna miss those neato posters in the Condos due to copyright, but since any image can be pulled from the internet, have I got a deal for you!

Ripped straight from the Steam Workshop archives comes all the original posters from Gmod Tower!

While these don’t work perfectly, due to the fact that the canvases seem to stretch/skew images and the code likely being very dirty for the alpha, it’s perfect for getting back that same aesthetic! All you need is an image-hosting service like Imgur, Veuwer, or any other one that is capable of direct linking.

MEGA link:!YdcWTTCZ!2DykuMA1iUONmjzLWIpimKQU_oYoccEP9PYmiGfskIg

Google Drive link:

Have fun, and happy Towering!


Nice! I knew someone would find a way to put these in…

This is a nice share. I personally like the posters from GMTower, but now that the Canvas are free for use, if I was going to use the same kind of posters, I would probably get an higher resolution version of them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was a little peeved when I saw how low-res these were after ripping them. If someone can find or make higher-res versions, let me know and I’ll update it!

By far my most favorite. Thanks for the upload!


Oh, now I realize why canvases were added, since obviously they can’t use posters.

I remember there being some posters for the other gamemodes back in GMT. was there a poster for Source karts or am I just crazy? that was my favorite gamemode back when it was still on the source engine