The Future of Arcade Workshop Games

So for a long time workshop support for arcade machines has been floating around. Is that planned for initial release of arcade, or will it be introduced later? Or is it still being considered?

  • Do you guys have an idea of the mechanics/technicalities of workshop games? I remember Zak was working on an API before he left for a while, what’s going on with that?
  • How will the workshop regulate games and ensure they aren’t malicious?
  • What language / tools would the games be written with?
  • How would players select workshop games? Maybe workshop cabinets where you can subscribe / select from most popular?

Yes this is still a planned feature. We do want to get prize redemption games done first, though.

We will be using the same API as we’ve shown before.

Workshop scripts will be moderated and anything malicious will be taken down. Bad functions will be blocked.

Lua is the default language when making the games, but we will also support JavaScript.

The cabinet will have a GUI that shows all workshop arcade scripts to download and it’ll automatically download it and start the game on that machine. I also want the condo cabinet to have a default game you can set.


Are there any plans for multiplayer support on workshop games?


While I think it’s unlikely this would be wonderful. The arcade should in part be a social experience, which should mean the capacity to play games together, like cool little platformers racers and shooters. I’d love to make some co-op games that people can experience together.

Yeah, definitely. It wouldn’t be easy but a lot of games would definitely benefit from multiplayer.

I was thinking it’d be cool if workshop arcade uploads could also attach their own cabinet art.
So depending on the game loaded at the time the cabinet changes its texture to reflect the current game being played, this would require the cabinet’s textures however to be freely available.

I know it could possibly be abused, as is the essence of workshop, but I thought it’d be a neat suggestion to make regardless.


Yes, custom cabinet art would be pretty neat and something I wanted as well.

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I think a lot of Questions regarding custom arcade games have already been answered in this thread: Arcade Tool for people who want to mess with it

A lot can change in a year.

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