The firework house

Gaylien and I decided we would make a firework house. We found a nice and secluded spot away from everybody and began building. It was accidentally set off and we had to start from scratch

Soon, it was finished and we were all happy about the building we had created.

Then the news leaked to the rest of the server that a hidden building was being built inside of the bumper carts place. Soon everybody had found out and it was destroyed by an untrustworthy player wearing a green jacket

We are now moving to a new location, if you find us; please do not destroy it. We work for a long time to make these and the community should care more about these beautiful buildings we construct.


Sad times we live in, cant two homeless builders without a home, make a new home without a green jacket guy destroying our home :frowning:


Lol i was gonna join

thats amazing

Part 2 coming out now!