The Fate of Cinema

Can I get some devs to clarify what will happen with Cinema support with the release of Tower Unite? I understand that GMod Tower will shut down considering the immense amount of resources it takes up, but Cinema on the other hand seems fairly easy to update and keep running. Considering Cinema is the only gamemode that keeps me returning to Garry’s Mod, I hope it’s possible it’ll keep going!

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I think they will shut down GMTower eventually but not for a long time. when Tower Unite gets fully released and has a big community they then may start shutting down GMTower as for theatre on GMOD, There are lots of servers wich offer cinema so you can just play them (not trying to advertise btw) but GMTower shouldn’t shut down anytime soon. :smiley:

March 2016.

At any rate, I highly doubt Pixeltail would actively remove the Cinema gamemode from the Workshop.

It’s been confirmed that GMod Tower will shut down with the Early Access launch of Tower Unite.

Cinema is separate. Sam is in control of that project.

Does this mean that Cinema will continue? I don’t know Sam’s username, so I can’t tag him here :\