The eventual Workshop Arcade API should work with Condo I/O

The Arcade API that’s been in the works for a while is really cool, allows players to develop their own game in lua to be played within Tower.

I think it would be REALLY REALLY cool if that API could interface with the game.

Imagine being able to send/receive Condo I/O inputs and outputs through code, so you could e.g. Open a door for completing an Arcade game, unlock new difficulty modes in the game by exploring the condo and finding all the hidden buttons, or unlock an entirely different arcade machine by beating all the others in the condo.

The possibilities here would be near endless and would unlock a lot of creative potential. I know the Arcade API is far down the line, but this is something I feel like suggesting now so Pixeltail can potentially add to the roadmap for later! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

The Arcade API can interact with blueprint, and things could be added for Condo I/O, but it’s currently not planned.

I do think it would offer some crazy customization and programs.


This is absolutely something you should consider putting on the roadmap for a far future update - @CarsonK is right, this is a fantastic idea that could add a whole new level of interactivity to condos if people use it for stuff like control panels or interactive puzzles


damn you could make an entire puzzle condo game revolving around solving arcade games to progress


This implications behind this would be amazing as well, you could not only have arcade games activate things but dedicated super intricate puzzle-lock programs just for certain sections of your condo


To expand on this idea:

I’m not sure how the games made with the Arcade API are currently planned to be played (be it only on arcade machine or what have you), but said games should be playable on any and all media sharing devices. TVs, projectors, monitors, you name it!

With this, people could create Control Panels with the API similarly to @Originope’s idea, and put it on a small screen at the condo’s entrance and effectively create their own CondOS for controlling just about anything in the condo!

I just hope this suggestion gets taken into consideration :slight_smile:


I’m probably wrong, but if I’m remembering correctly the plan for the Workshop Arcade games will be accessed using the PlayStation item and an arcade cabinet.

I think this idea is incredibly useful and could really be used to create puzzles and minigames to progress in a condo (like a hacking minigame or a terminal).