The Discord channel needs to be organized, big time

Take the Landfall Games Discord channel for example.

And the Game Detectives Discord channel.

They both have a fair amount of text channels and voice channels that help promote organization and proper discussion. So I feel as if we should have a system that goes off of the forum’s format a little.


  • Announcements (Locked)

  • Rules / Information (Locked)

  • Developments (Locked) (Work in progress updates from the developers working on Tower Unite.)

  • General (Talk about Tower Unite and other PixelTail Games.)

  • Troubleshooting

  • Suggestion Discussion

  • Questions (@Caboose700 and @Noodleneck live here.)

  • Off-topic (Discuss anything not related to anything!)

  • Bot Testing (Incase anybody brings in their bot.)

  • Pixeltail Developer Discussion


  • AFK

  • General

  • Suggestion Discussion

  • Music (Incase anybody brings in their bot.)

  • Off-topic

  • Pixeltail Developers

So what do you guys think?

Edit: Alright, at the very least add a new text channel for all Public voice channel discussion. :x

Edit: Apologies for a bad idea. You guys make a good point. :xxxxxxx


The problem is that not many people are on the Tower Unite discord at any one time so it’s kind of pointless to make it divided like that. (Not to mention it would take a lot of moderation for each channel and no one wants to deal with that)


The devs don’t want bots. At all. Even as a separate section, this might lead to people believing that bots are ok in the main chat.


I don’t live there, I live in Massachusetts.


I honestly think having too many channels just clutters things and makes it so new users are confused. I think having the current setup works just fine. Plus even if we had other channels how can we be sure that everyone is going to use it? That just adds more moderation needed to keep everyone in topic.

I think bringing back the video games chat would be nice. But aside from that do we really need 15 more text channels?

Well obviously like 10+ channels would be overkill but I can’t bring myself to read #public because it’s so busy. I think maybe at least a channel if devs want to post dev pictures and a questions channel would be helpful.