The Condo in Rec Room


hey everyone, this is a project i have worked on for quite some time, it’s the condo, But i made it in Rec Room, rec room is a vr social platform with custom worlds you can build, and i made my own! heres some pictures and a tour!

Please note that this is not finished! there will be stuff to do inside and outside with items
Heres the Tour!

hope you enjoyed, feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or feedback


this looks awesome!! cant wait to see more progress from you den


It looks awesome


Very impressive!


I love this




very nice
also happy birthday!


Thank you everyone for the nice comments, i will continue to work on this until it’s finished, i will make the world Public when it’s done, i will post screenshots along the way.
when it’s done, im probably gonna add more things.

Stay tuned!


HAPPY BDAY (again)


Gonna start making item From Tower Unite into the game!!

Feel Free to Suggest Any Item and i will probably add it!


Snail and Korb


Will do, ill post when im done with them


snaily boy (requested by @Lan_Hikari)

Korb (Requested by @Lan_Hikari)

egg (requested by @Drrabbit)

Lemon (Requested by @Lemon)

Haunted Toon link Doll (Requested by @Demoncyborg)

CetSeck (Requested By @Demoncyborg)


That KORBY is amazing!


Looking great, I will probably get VR sometime this year because I have been wanting to try it for years and I already play RecRoom (non vr) so this is something I am interested in


ill be making more today, be sure to add a request in here if you want it in the condo


??? (Requested by Katz)

TU Logo Trophy (Requested by meeee)

Baby car (Requested by @Demoncyborg)

MINI sentry (Requested by @Lefty)

Hula Doll Catsack (Requested by me)


Not sure where you’re supposed to suggest these things but the LC knight/dragon would be cool.


I think just message his account


Or you could just say them in this thread