The clock is ticking

We got about T minus thirty minutes to the closed alpha.
Anyone staying up to some ungodly hour for an Email? It’s about 1:30 AM where I am

Did we ever get a confirmation that the closed alpha will be released at Midnight PST?

Though I just did recall Spritec;ad saying they didn’t have an exact time because I failed to read the whole post.

Can I go to bed now or is it soon?

Caboose’s post doesn’t say that it’s at midnight, only that it’s being released sometime on the 20th (according to PST). Might be a midnight release, but going with previous patterns (Ball Race Alpha, Lobby 2 (I think) ), it’s probably going to be in the afternoon.

Yeah, I see that now. I thought he was saying it was gonna be released that morning, within the span of a minute

I’m stupid when I’m tired

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I’m not really sure if anybody knows what time it’s supposed to release. I’m not even completely sure if the devs really know yet either. I remember reading some people saying some really late time like 6PM PST, but I could never find a source from a dev on that one, so I’m really not sure.

I’ll be staying up a little bit, just in case.


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Alright! Thank you so much for this. Couldn’t find this info anywhere, never thought to look on their twitter. :disappointed_relieved:

Does anyone know 6 PST in GMT?

Yeah it took me a while to find too. Glad I could help. :grinning:

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6pm PST = 2am GMT = 3am CET

I thought it was midnight till I joined lobby server and someone corrected me. At least it drops once I get out of work : )

Also you can use google to convert time zones in Google if anyone else needs it

I dunno if I missed something, but I was making a joke about how there wasn’t a confirmed time, and that basically it will be released sometime Monday.

seriously though, when can we play the alpha?

6 pm PST 9PM EST is the current official release time