The Carnival and the Lagoon Swimming Pool

Since the release of movable objects, I have made a few things around my condo (Villa), particularly around the Carnival area.

Early image of the water slides boing built (once I got the gist of how splines work).

Adding some greenery to the edges (I swear those slides remind me of rashers of bacon)

After adding some foliage and some features such as water fountains and a waterfall, it looked like this.

I also added a “treasure corner” in which I used a trigger volume to make a chest open and close (coins come out when it opens).

A shot of the Lagoon Swimming Pool viewed from the top of the water slides.

A bird’s-eye view.

Not related to the Pool, but I also made a little ride in the carnival

After all that, I went to the spa, and relaxed with a few friends.

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Added a nice glow to the treasure as it was looking a little dark at night

Also, added an anchor for decoration

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