The Bone Zone Season Finale - Episode Release Extraordinaire

Did you miss the season finale of The Bone Zone? Have you been kicking yourself nonstop for three days for missing this once in a lifetime event? Worry no longer! I recorded and edited the two hour event into a crazy small 37 minutes (I know it’s a lot, I tried, I love too much of it and couldn’t see it go)! Don’t want to watch the full near-40 minutes? Just jump/skip around the video, this action packed masterpiece has excitement at every turn!

Keep an eye out for our special guests including MacDGuy and Rob! Don’t forget to support your local skeletons as they don’t get much work in the off-season.


Well, that was an experience.

Feel free to come on down and watch it again tonight with some of the cast of The Bone Zone, tonight on GMT. :smiley:

Damn baby, dat was tight!
Rob happy to have been on da show y’know, things got a little hectic but overall it was a damn fun time!
Hope to be able to be on the show next season!! Hope everybody else had as good a time as me. :wink:

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That was a pure work of art. :’)

This is very differently edited than how i would make it, it looks like a proper TV show now, good job on making this (i’m still watching it)

This was fun.