The Bone Zone 2023


That’s right guys and ghouls, October steadily approaches which means like it, love it, or (controversially [and wrongly]) hate it, WE’RE COMING BACK!

My current plan for scheduling is Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm(ish)
Meaning Episode 1 will be Tuesday the 3rd!
Of course as we feel out the crews schedules this could be subject to change and I’ll be posting to let you know if that’s the case.
By now I’m sure you know the rules but for those who don’t here’s the rundown -

  • No over-obnoxiousness, excessive trolling, or derailing the show.
  • Treat others with respect, no racism, homophobia, starting drama, etc
  • Audience interaction is encouraged but within reason, applause, cheering and banter is fine but constantly interrupting and getting in the way will lead to warnings and eventual muting or kicking. Just try to read the room.

Any clips, videos, edits, art, memes, and of course screenshots should be posted to this thread. I love seeing all the different perspectives and if you’re lucky your work will be showcased on the show for all to see!

Any questions, comments, hype, or even conversation about something silly that happened or whatever you get the idea - feel free to post it here. Hope to see you all soon and stay spooky!


can’t wait for the bone goo

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I’m excited to come on over.
BTW, Here’s All of the Seasons for those who are new here:

Also, My Highlights for the final 4 episodes of Season 4 (2020) will be released this year (hopefully), starting with the 2nd Part of Episode 3 in October.

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That’s what they said



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Ah yes.

Our oldest competitor. It’s nice to see you guys are prepping and ready for action. Wallace and I are looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store this year, ain’t that right Wallace?

Silent rock noises

HA! Yeah you said it Wallace.

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Man oh man, I hope I can make it this year!! I’m even trying to book Halloween off work so I can, at the very least, see the finale!

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Lesss goooo!

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Hoping I’ll be able to catch some! Been looking forward to this.

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So good to see this again!

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Aw man I have stuff to do during the first Bone Zone but I will show up for at least ONE

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let me see thos bones

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Will the fabled BornToDie reappear this season? We’ll just have to wait and see!



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Here’s some screenshots of episode 1 of the Boney Zoney.

The adventure begins of Season 7.


ZachSharkAttack’s interview. (Nice cheese hat.)

The school book pharaoh appears and he demands the slab!


Flood in the Bone Pit. “Oh noes!”

The sink whirlwind. “Could it be related to the slab?”

Some random dog who makes unusual noises.

The Bubble Pit with Skeleman.

The Pharaoh’s has come back to drown and raise sand again in The Bone Pit. (Seems like another pharaoh.)

Water’s gone but there’s still a sand problem.

Lich landed on our seats for some reason.

Mister Fingeeeeeerrrrr!

Skeleman dies and his chunks of “jerky” came out.

Lich burns out of norwhere. “What could be happening?”

Papa Russia dies of burning too. “Seriously what is going on?”

The Green Pit. “Must be the work of the pharaoh.”

Mr. Tripwire dies out of randomness. “We need to leave or else it gets us!”

Too late everyone is dying.

Chunks everywhere!

Choose your jerky! Squidward or Moldy Mess.

The giant blood bath of The Bone Zone. “The janitor is going to have a hell of a time.”

The scary consequences of breaking the rules. “Remember kids, don’t be like this poor guy.”

The dog from earlier giving an inspirational speech while behind Yoda eating Cheerios.

DJ Chae’s dance club.

We all got turned into skeletons in the end. “What a twist.”


Glad the debut went well

I asked my good friend Volo to send a messgae about where I was but i think he got side-tracked… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Ayyy nice to see you guys had a good opening debut!

Sorry I couldn’t make it on the first night. Benedict and Esmeralda are still in the Rock-spital after the events of the September show, and we had another incident with the studio today in preparation for Halloween. Couple of interns got fried by the server rack into some tough jerky. It’s unfortunate but at least we’ve now got some nice treats to donate to the local dogsack shelter.

Stuff’s been acting funky lately but we can’t find whatever’s causing it. Hopefully I can make it next time…

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