The Bone Zone 2019 Teaser Poster

Yes fellas The Bone Zone is 3 days away so it’s time for a poster!

The reason why they’re glowing green is because they went through a vortex that has a side effect of them glowing green.


very nice agent 10/10
would look at more teaser stuff again

THREE DAYS?! Are we already having one that soon?

Usually Bone Zone happens near the end of October.

I haven’t been on for Halloween since 2017, so I’m excited to experience the bone zone

spook time is upon us :skull:

Whoa, exciting! Count me in.


Wait for The Lich 's official announcement.


i want a announcement from you about the lich’s announcement


The Lich does some usual shows in October before the series finale on Halloween itself.

This picture somehow brings out very sad and scared feelings in me

Woah wait hold up, three days? What’s the official date and time?

Wait until The Lich announces it.

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