The best item you'll ever add... THE NUTCRACKER

Seriously, I want to see a big nutcracker statue in the game. Might jumpscare people when they enter a dark room :stuck_out_tongue:

Description of nutcracker: The persuarders alive!

The name and the coset will be up to Pixeltail :slight_smile: I suggestion having it pretty expensive, since everyone would like it :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not suggested anything since the Conquest suggestion in GMT lobby 1, and I feel pretty happy to come back :slight_smile: Of course, Pixeltail doesn’t have to add this if they don’t feel like it, but if they do, then huzzah! If not, they don’t have to, I’m pretty sure they have more things to cover than a silly nutcracker statue :stuck_out_tongue:

good reference mate

Not gonna lie… I’m already pretty freaked out about the idea of it. :scream:

Please use this thread for any item suggestions next time :slight_smile:

If we could get this around Krampus time o year. :evergreen_tree: