The Ball Race Networking Update (with Plaza changes, too!) (

Hello again, fellow virTUal sphere rollers. We’ve got exciting changes for Ball Race and Plaza!

Major Changes

  • Ball Race player movement networking overhauled. Players with high ping will notice massively improved controls. Ball Race is actually playable in multiplayer now!

Lobby Changes

  • New Game World Ports Design
  • Gameworld Ports now have launch pads to move around the area easier
  • Added new Boardwalk/Beach area
  • Added new TV’s to Beach Houses. These work the same way as the Theater’s
  • New Subway/Transit Station Design
  • Bowling interior artwork pass
  • Fixed various holes in the Plaza
  • Improved performance with Plaza activities
  • Optimized the Plaza more (and will continue to do so)

New Items!

  • Added 7 new items: Paper Crown, Strainer, Computer Head, CRT Monitor, Old Keyboard, Stove, and Diving Helmet


  • Added media refresh button to the media request UI
  • Added chat messages when a player enters and leaves their Condo from the Lobby
  • P2P now automatically connects/disconnects from Lobby when changing permissions settings
  • Added ‘Antique’ tag to applicable items in Rob’s Imports

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spectating HUD not updating when a player spectating was switched
  • Fixed gamma/brightness related issues with media players
  • Fixed Condo materials not always resetting sometimes when switching Condo snapshots
  • Fixed Minigolf sounds not adjusting with the volume settings
  • Fixed Ball Race hats not showing up for every player
  • Fixed hair not always coming back when switching from hats that disable hair
  • Fixed lights being on for vacant Condo doors sometimes
  • Fixed collision issues on counter in Virus: Hospital
  • Fixed canvas poster (square) being slightly off center and clipping the imagery
  • Fixed canvas frame (square) being slightly off center from canvas

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.


this looks bootiful

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Great update! The plaza is finally playable again on my laptop going from ~12 fps to 30+ :smiley:

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