The (almost) Complete GMT Idlescreen Collection

Just gonna put these here until these go away for good once GMT shuts down.

Here’s the YouTube playlist. Let me know if you find any more idlescreens, and I’ll add 'em:

(I’ll download everything and put it on MEGA once I get my new SSD.)


The GMTower channel wont be shutting down, I don’t really plan on getting rid of the videos or anything because they’re kind of a nice thing to look back on every once and a while.

It’s weird to think how much effort I actually put into these lol, they were fun time wasters and they were actually really useful in helping me increase with my photoshop skills as you can probably see through the progression of them.

I should make the ‘spooky’ broken ones active too.

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I’m thinking about actually making sort of a penultimate one for Winter/Christmas 2015. What do you think?

I see no reason for watching them now, but I always did appreciate the idlescreens. I dunno if it’ll be possible but I hope they return in Tower Unite.

To reminisce.

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There wouldn’t be much of a point, there isn’t really any news about GMTower to share and someone would have to take time out just to update the cinema lua file just to change the idle video.

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