The Age-Old Idea: Arcade Games in your Condo

With the upcoming arcade most likely releasing in Tower Unite and featuring many new games, this could make many of the classic arcade game machines available for your condo (without taking purpose away from the arcade). What are the current thoughts on this? Sorry if it has already been discussed somewhere.

Well, the reason that the flash games are in GMT is because GMT is free.
Pixel Tail Games does not own the flash games, so they can’t bundle those games with Tower Unite because they would technically be making money off of those flash games that other people made.
The flash games aren’t making a come back.

Sorry I meant to put that in there. I just called them flash games for this post, but I did read somewhere that instead of flash games the devs would make their own games (similar to those classic flash games) and put them in the arcade machines.

A retired dev on GMTower has been working on a SNes box, and another one on a stacker machine. Not sure if both of these were self-made, but if they were, we could include them in Tower Unite as a buyable item to place in your condo.

@Radek What about condo exclusive games that you can’t play in the arcade? That would be cool.

@SirParadox The pool table may be one of these. Just a thought.

Yup, you heard right.

For the arcade games this time around - we’ll be making our own 2D arcade games.

The goal with the arcade this time around is multiplayer support. You’ll be able to play multiplayer arcade games or watch someone else play the game. No more looking at people staring at a blank screen.

It’s with those reasons the arcade is one of the more ambitious features in Tower and could only belong in a standalone game.

On top of that you’ll earn tickets at the arcade (similar to the chips concept in the casino) which will let you get exclusive arcade-only items.

You’ll also be able to purchase arcade cabinets for your condo, but they’ll be pretty expensive!

Edit: We have discussed the possibility of emulators (and love it!), but the legality of that is something completely else entirely. Most likely won’t happen without an external mod.


Maybe we could make a thread where players could suggest arcade games.

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Well, go on ahead :slight_smile: