The Actual Letter to the Developers

Before we get into the actual letter, we just want to clear some misconceptions that happened this afternoon that seemed to stir up a lot of unnecessary drama. Earlier today there was a supposedly letter to the developers thread that was not supposed to be posted that earlier.

The user who posted the unfinished letter earlier has apologized for this situation, and as so, we wish you to read the complete version of this letter, and share your thoughts on it. Our goal is to start a conversation between the developers, the group of people who wrote this letter, and the rest of the community. Thank You!

Dear Developers,

On behalf a small select group of people in the Gmod Tower and Tower Unite community (But for the sake of this letter, we’re going to simply refer to it as the community. We aren’t referring to every single individual in the Gmod Tower and Tower Unite community, just a specific amount of people who just happen to have the same views)

When the project started, both the community and you, the developers, had high hopes and dreams for this new game. Promises of amazing new features, a full boardwalk with a variety of rides, and customization system beyond belief that left most of us in awe and really excited for this project. But that was the past. Looking at the Trello and at the progress made, we feel like a lot of the original vision that was promised became lost overtime. Yes, the game has been out for only about three days, but we, right now, are looking into the future of the game as well.

As the game stands right now, a lot of the features we do have and the features we don’t have seem very scattered in terms of priority and we are worried that the main focus and sight of the game is being lost. It seems unusual that we have a set of less valuable features like a Confetti Gun working, whereas other core and high priority features such as voice chat settings (that are being improved on right now) which should have been introduced much earlier, as well as other features such as lobby-condo communication were left completely absent despite some of them being previously tested, as well as several bugs, some of which game breaking, which were supposedly patched on the version prior to the early access release. This lack of priority is what we expand on in the next paragraphs.

There’s a missing sense of priority right now, especially on delivering what the community thinks is necessary. In fact, right now, there’s a lack of communication between the development team and the core community that has both backed your game on Indiegogo, as well as currently helps keeping it alive. Right now, we’re just being told to wait and expect fixes while we would appreciate it if the developers would talk with the community to pin-point what the most important things to fix are at the time, as well as to start worrying about what’s next.

We also believe that you, the developers, are working too hard on Tower Unite. We wish that you all to take it a bit more slow. We understand that this is the game you guys are really hoping to complete and have so many aspirations for it, we understand that 100% and support you guys. But as it stands, a lot of you are working too hard and aren’t giving yourselves enough time to relax and chill out, making it even harder to establish a conversation without feeling as if we’re causing more stress. The community understands that you really want to complete this game and get everything out of the way but we’re starting to be concerned that you’re not giving in the full effort because of stress, tiredness, and pressure.

The community doesn’t want to be a burden. We want you to let us help you guys create an awesome game which we can be proud of. We understand you guys have needs, visions and dreams for this project, but we helped create this game as well as helped keep it alive, and we want to support you guys in the next steps of the game.

To conclude we’d like to refer back to the main points we’re trying to make overall. We’d like to see the developers deliver better community engagement, perhaps revisiting developer streams once again with a select user base involved arranged by our community manager - Caboose, to give us the opportunity to vote on what’s important by returning with ‘Priority Polls’ on the forums, effectively allowing the Tower Unite community to vote what should be prioritised first and what should be prioritised later.

We want you to hear our ideas; we also want to be open to your ideas as well, both sides have amazing ideas, but we feel there has been a small disconnection in terms of community and developer feedback. We don’t ask much of you, just know that we want to be as accepting of your ideas as you are to ours.

We feel that these points could benefit your work ethics and allow you to work more efficiently, without wanting to overload you with work. We really don’t need that next novelty object or feature (Pool, Bowling, Roller Coasters and Bumper Cars) at this current moment in time.

Thank you for reading.

With Love,
The Community (or this small group of people).


I think PixelTail’s strong point is community engagement, though.

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After re-reading this, most of my things I’ve said from: A Letter to the Developers are about the same.

Give us a bit here, we just release our first game on Steam. Things are a bit crazy right now. Priority #1 is fixing bugs, after that features that people want and we want to see in the game as well. Use the Trello to vote on things, we’ll have more public polls but give us a week to sort out the launch issues because we’re really a small team of people here and we all are doing everything we can.

That was done in like 2 hours and it was needed to be done to ensure items that use weapons are working properly so we can have items that use weapons correctly. It’s basically the easiest weapon item we could think of.

This is not an easy task to complete. It’s going to take a bit of time to make it work for everyone reliably. It’s on the trello now so you can get an idea of where we are with this.

Release week is tough and we’re gonna be back to communicating again soon. We’ve been pretty open on Discord and with announcements and talking directly to people. We’ve been swamped with all the new posts. We read everything, we talk about everything, @Caboose700 replies as much as he can and he talks directly with us before doing so.

This is our job. This is our profession. If we can’t handle the stress or fire then we shouldn’t be doing this job. We love this job and we love staying up late working on it. We’re almost clear of the major major release bugs, and then we can chill. The game can’t be added to it if it keeps crashing. People are paying for a product and they should expect it to work.

You aren’t. We love you all. We love feedback. We want this game to be the best.

So, I posted about this in the other one. We’re still doing developer streams. I don’t know why people are saying we aren’t.

As for the polls, right now trello gives us a great idea of what people want. We’ll do more polls but we like the trello cards because they’re linked to in-game boards.

We are hearing your ideas? We can’t implement every idea instantly and we cannot always reply but we’re listening. There’s a TON of new people coming in right now and it’s a little overwhelming. But trust me, we’re listening.

I’m a bit saddened that you are thinking we aren’t listening to ideas or being open after only 3 days of launch. There’s months of evidence of us listening and taking feedback from the alpha stage and even further back (5 years) when we did the same thing with GMTower. We haven’t changed. We’re just REALLY busy right now in this current week with bug fixes.

As you can tell, the latest update has lessened that, but we’re still a little busy. I haven’t really had a break in awhile, but this is what I love doing.



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Since a certain someone is reading too much into what I said, I’ll edit my comment into a big ol sappy comment that everyone can understand.

:heart: Please don’t push yourselves too hard guys. There’s a huge community of people that’ll support you all the way.

It sucks that the community has conflicting views about this whole thing and that its caused a big stir over the past while, From negative reviews on steam complaining about the matter (which is stupid), a big giant steam community post, discussion in the discord and now various posts on here about it. Its gotten pretty crazy and the whole thing is super silly.

The point of the game is community, But it’s pretty stupid for us, the dedicated community of the game, To not see eye to eye on the matter.

I met so many people through GMT and the Discord for TU, and I do highly appreciate the amount of communication and support the devs have had with us. I do know @PoliteWhale isn’t trying to insult or be rude on the matter, as he just wants whats best for the game (Hell, me and Polite are probably the most active users on the Steam Community right now).

While I don’t really agree with the stuff that this “letter” says. I do understand what the people behind it feel though.

The most important thing is that you guys are enjoying what you’re doing, games are meant to be fun, so making them should be an enjoyable experience as well.

(Sorry if any of this sounded dumb or cheesy but I really wanted to say something about this.)


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First off we want to thank @macdguy for replying! :heart:

As for this, this isn’t the feeling we wanted to transmit with this letter. Some of us genuinely feel that threes some stuff in which Pixeltail could improve on, as well as the community. It’s not a matter of when the game was released, or in what state it is, it’s some things we would just like to point out. :smile:

Not all of us in this letter agree with all the points, nor all of us disagree, this is a compilation of points composed by this one specific group. :slight_smile:

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No its meant in a way that it sucks that community is having conflicting views on the game and that the devs actually had to address it. You’re looking way too into it.

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The developers are really hard working on this game, they stated it several times already (20 hours straight, like damn). You just have to give them more time.

Bugs need to be squished first and then they can really start adding all the cool stuff we all want.

You and me both, brother. I’m trying as hard as I can to cling to my Regular rank, so I’m reading and reading as much as possible.


This letter and Mac’s reply both made me really happy. This is one of the best development teams and communities ever.


Yeah sorry about the new ideas thing… I have quite a few XD

Thanks For replying Mac. One of the reasons this was made was because we didn’t want you guys to get overwhelmed too much and lose sight of what you have!

I know that if I had some big task to do. I would try and ignore it as much as possible! I just don’t want you guys to end up doing the same.

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i think the suggestion thing wasn’t planned, but because of stretch goals the devs added it?

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I really don’t think this was necessary. As I’ve said to people before the game is early access, you didn’t pay for the finished game, that is still being worked on, I kind of feel as though this post was made just for the sake of making a post, and I feel a lot of it eventually contradicts itself or comes from a view of ignorance - mainly the parts regarding the developers being overworked as well as the part where you talk about priority.

Also, regarding the priority thing, I think you really misunderstand how things are done, when they make something like the confetti gun it’s not like they have everyone work together at once to make the confetti gun or anything like that. If they focused on the major stuff only it would just increase their work load in the long run and it might also ruin the experience for us players as it could lead to having to wait for things that could be fixed with a few lines of code, or us getting extremely unfinished stuff due to someone wanting to ‘prioritise’.

But I digress, I think Pixeltail is doing a great job on the game so far and I don’t think anything about their design flow is in need of any overhauls or anything.


People thinking the developers aren’t listening is pretty common on a lot of game forums.


I think for the amount of people working on the game they are doing an astounding job, not to mention the two friends I have who are going to college for game designing agree, it takes a lot of time just to add a few features especially if it is the first time they are working on a stand alone game.

You just got to remember that they are trying their best and are only human too. :sweat: Whipping out a patch to fix things almost everyday since EA is pretty baffling to me since I have never seen an early access game get this many fixes in such a small frame of time.

Either way I honestly believe that they are doing all they can and still listening to our suggestions and comments. And I shall keep excitedly following the updates and watching this lovely game grow.