The ability to walk through through items like transparent canvas?

This is mainly for people who like to build, if it would be possible to have an option on objects like transparent canvas, to be able to walk through them. A small example that I have wanted to do but cant, is to have open curtains on a doorway with a transparent canvas, but because you can’t walk through them I cant really use them. Just a thought. It could also help with images that may have a lot of white space around it.

I’m not too sure what the limitations are but this is just something that I come across quite a few times, and I think it would just be helpful. :kissing_closed_eyes:


I think this would be kind of cool, assuming you can set that as a mode or something

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Yeah simply turning off the collider would be awesome.


Agreed! This would be a great idea. No reason why we shouldn’t be able to walk by some blinds and what not. Good suggestion!


This would be really cool, I would use it to make portal-looking entrances to rooms.