Tfw I see SirParadox on every thread ever

You magnificent person, you


Lol don’t take my word on everything

I’m a very sarcastic person

I just try to contribute to the forums, and join in with the community. I’m not going to go on an angry rant, but, just be cautious. Submitting terrible and or nonsensical posts is not what I’ve done, so please, have some consideration. All I’ve tried to do is have fun and help.

It’s okay, I love you no mater what. :cat: :gift_heart:

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:smiley: @SirParadox is a very good active user on Tower Unite here on the forums and making threads like this are against the Rules / Terms Of Service , even if you were being sarcastic

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I’d like a link to that article then.

Rules for Tower Unite

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Thanks, will remember that

NP (No Problem) Just wanted to let you know so that you didnt donate just to get banned if I was you I would remove this thread , just incase but I wasn’t trying to be blunt by the way just wanted to inform you

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Can you even delete threads?

Erm Im not sure xD I think you can just look around and try to find a button to delete it

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@SirParadox knows what I meant with this thread anyways, so no need to delete it. :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: I knew what you meant as well just wanted to make sure new members don’t get banned that’s all

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I doubt I’d get banned for that, a warning at most

@SirParadox, the meme machine. #1 sir GMT/TU/NA/EU.


@Onyx @NuttyNinja @Sapphire Thanks guys for the responses! I added Mikusch on Steam talk talk about the issue, and everything was fine :slight_smile:

EDIT: I removed the last part, it sounded whiney.